Blocking Party and Finished Objects!! (Finally)

Yay!  Rockefeller is complete and I LOVE it!  This one is definitely for me 🙂

I was worried about the colors, but I think it’s really wearable over neutral colors.

Levenwick is complete!!!  Blocking the heck outta the thing to try to smooth out some messy stitches.  Even though it is cropped, the sweater is super warm (the Shelter yarn really grew on me).  Now, I just need some great buttons to add on.  Pics of the sweater soon!  I even had enough yarn leftover to make a surprise hat for the Hubster.

Next project!  Next project!  Hmm… what to make?  Gonna get started on my xmas gifts so maybe this year I can have something for everyone on my list!


Too Much Time, Not Enough Knitting

Well, I wish.

No posts for a while, sorry folks! (If my one reader counts as “folks” 🙂

Let me count… On my needles: socks, cardigan (almost done, my friends!), shawl, sweater!

And I am not finished with any because… (besides the obvious project ADD)

Owlie Socks – Single sock syndrome

Although, it is quite a beauty, if I do say so myself!

Levenwick Cardigan – Single sleeve syndrome

Among other issues… aak!

Rockefeller Shawl – Too many stripes syndrome (OK I made that one up, and to be fair, the pattern is lovely)

Sweater – Endless stockinette (sorry, Husband, your sweater is so boring!)

I am most concerned about my poor, poor Levenwick.  She seems so small! But I barely have enough Shelter to finish it and I even added a bit of length.  Hopefully after blocking *fingers crossed!  My sleeves have ladders big enough to climb on.

3 out of 4 are near completion, so of course, I am itching to plan another project!  Lately, scouring Ravelry for xmas gift ideas 🙂 yay!

Loving this Dream Stripes shawl…


Or a similar shawl with narrow stripes in muted colors.  Beautiful!!  Stripes are so in for fall (according to my latest magazine).  I can think of a couple of people this would be perfect for.  If you love this, then you know who you are!

Project Updates and New Cast-On

My Rockefeller shawl is coming along beautifully!  I love the colors so far, and I can’t wait until the next clue!!



In the meantime, I have only to do the last sleeve of my Levenwick… But it’s so hot here that the thought of a thick wool sweater on my lap makes my palms sweat.  So, *sigh* I started a new project!! 😀

Started my adorable Owlie socks!  So far they look great!


They kinda reminded me of Harry Potter, so while I knit them I watched part of the last movie on HBO.  “Expeliarmus!” I love love my dpns, but have had trouble in the past with ladders in my socks.  So, I tried a technique I saw on techknits blog called “switching” (link here), where I rotated two stitches every round, and PRESTO! no ladders – amazing!  Using beads is not nearly as complicated as I thought, either!

Hoo! Hoo!

Saturday Afternoon Knitting

Since I am halfway through the first clue from my Rockefeller shawl (looking lovely!), and I have serious WIP-ADD I am browsing through Ravelry.  Found this awesome sock pattern Owlie Socks … mmm I think I found a use for my terracotta Malabrigo.

And BEADS! I’ve never used beads for a knitting project before… sounds like a challenge to me!  Hmm.. to gift or to keep?

Currently jamming to… Youth Without Youth – Metric. Knit On!

My First KAL!

OK, I know I should really be working on my poor sweater, but Stephen West just posted the first clue for his Rockefeller surprise KAL! Since I have way too much Malabrigo sock for one’s own good, I decided to try. Plus, I think the surprise aspect will compel me to finish this quickly. 😉 Well, it is intended for a xmas gift, but if I love it too much… So, originally I chose a purple/orange combo to mimick the colors West chose.


But, let’s face it, I am not a bright colors type of person. So, after some deliberation, I decided to pair the purple with a beautiful grey-blue.


Ready to cast on! Oh, I can’t wait to share! Unfortunately, I will not be able to post pics until after the end of the KAL. Wish me luck. 🙂

Hooray for Knitting!

Finally, I have picked up my old Levenwick sweater, which has been sitting on the top of my long forgotten pile of knitting. Due to the sweltering heat here in OH, I have put down my needles in favor of my new sewing machine – a wonderful wedding present from my generous mother-in-law. I have had a lot of fun experimenting with my new toy, though. I have managed to make some decent looking goodies – including a beautiful Verona bag for a dear friend’s birthday.

I will have to ask for pictures from her to post.

**Update – pics of the lovely bag

Anyway, here sits my poor sweater, and I decide to neglect her no longer.



This is one of the few projects I have started just for ME. I really should treat myself more often… It has been a relatively straightforward pattern to follow, although I am nervous that I may run out of yarn.

Stay with me.. Hope to complete this one soon!



I will be posting all of my adventures in knitting, sewing, and any other creative encounters along the way.  I want to share my love of knitting, crafting, and design with- well, anyone who will listen.  Maybe I can inspire creativity along the way… or, perhaps more likely, I will get a few stray visitors misdirected from Ravelry. Either way, I hope you enjoy.

Ready, Set, Knit!