Full-time graduate student and part-time knitter.  I have been knitting for about 10 years… wow that makes me sound old!  Well I am almost 30 and recently married – oh, well.

Originally, while working at a craft store in high school, an elderly employee helped me learn how to knit.  She showed me how to make triangular-shaped hats, scratchy scarves and dishcloths out of sugar’n cream.  Needless to say, I thought knitting was useless.  Two years later, in my dorm at college (VA Tech – Go Hokies!) I see a girl knitting -holy cow- a scarf!  OK that didn’t sound exciting, but it was striped with beautiful colors and I thought, wow, I could make something like that too!  So my knitting adventures began.

OK so I am an engineer (yup, even nerdier than you thought), so I am naturally inclined to want to test new ideas and push things to the limit.  Therefore, I am constantly attempting projects that are way above my difficulty level, ripping them out and deciding that maybe I should just make my 3479th scarf.

I know that I cannot be the only knitter like this!  Why else would there be hundreds of “advanced” how-to knitting videos on youtube?  So, I decided, yes for the good of humanity, to  set aside some time for publishing my findings as I tackle difficult patterns and even *gasp try to design some of my own.  Well, maybe at least someone will get a laugh…

Keep calm and carry yarn.



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