Instant Satisfaction

I always seem to lean towards complicated knitting patterns – especially for others. Let’s face it though, usually the recipient does not notice that you did Fair Isle, or short rows, or the most complicated lace chart in the world and had to rip it out 4 times before you finished! Ack! Que some projects for me…

I finally dug out my Rowan Lima I had stashed and decided to treat myself! I just finished a cowl and hat combo just for me-me-me. 🙂

My version of the Purl Ridge Scarf by Stephen West.

And my Awesome Rikke hat!!!

OK I cannot describe how much I freakin’ Love this hat. It is so perfect: casual, unique, soft, warm, lovely. You must make one. Now.

umm… So my birthday was this month and as a present to myself I decided to cast on Katie. Wow, what a lovey pullover. Absolutely loving this:

Beautiful! So simple too… Don’t let the cool patten at the waist fool you, even for a colorwork novice like me, this was cake! Mods: I omitted the YO’s at the raglan (I don’t really like holes in my sweater..), I put a half twist in my rib (as usual) so that it lies flat and pretty. I really love this, and it will definitely get lots of wear.

OK. Now, time to finish all my holiday gifts… Only a couple left to go!



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