Angry Knitting

Sorry for no posts in awhile. Life has been in the way of knitting lately. I have actually been chugging along with my projects, but unfortunately it seems like my knitting is just angry with me. I also misplaced my camera, and a post without pictures is just, well, sad.

My featherweight cardi is just about done but….

It just seems..not quite right. The front hangs all wrong, and the stitches I picked up for the collar are a little scrunched. I actually bound off the collar far far too tight on the first try. It looked absolutely ridiculous. Thought I would share for a quick laugh.

This is what NOT to do! So, of course, being the perfectionist I am, I ripped out the front and am now using Elizabeth Zimmerman’s sewn bind-off. It is definitely much stretchier, but still just seems a little off to me. I am tempted to frog the whole thing entirely *gasp! So I put it aside and decided to start some new projects for gifting.

My last post included a poll for a sock pattern to make for my grandmother. I was planning to CO for either the lingerie socks or the Fiori di Zucca socks, depending on which matched my gauge best, since both had similar vote counts. Ummm… The only problem was, well, apparently Dream in Color Smooshy is more of a DK weight than a sock weight. Yeah. Even though I was dying to try one of the beautifully complicated patterns I mentioned last time, no amount of modding (yes, I tried..and tried…and tried) would allow me to make either pattern smaller than a size only bigfoot could wear.

Plan E: find a new pattern that matches my goofy gauge. I decided on the Vinnland sock pattern. Well, kinda. I used the Lifestyle Toe Up Socks guide from Charisa Martin Cairn for the body, and then worked the Vinnland pattern over the foot and leg. In case you are interested, I used a US2 and my leg and foot have 56 sts. I am making them two-at-a-time also! I can’t believe I have never tried this before and they are moving along quickly. Just one more thing: this yarn is a MUST try. It is amazingly soft, the colors are vibrant, but still has great elasticity for wear.

Lovely! Hope she loves them as much as I do.

Bonus! I weighed the rest of my skein and I have enough for some fingerless mitts!

FYI these are the zombie viXen mitts by Susan Claudino.

I promise more timely updates of my projects as I go. In the works: gloves (lookin awesome so far), a couple of small items for me (!), another hat for a friend, and a beautiful pullover!

Happy knitting!



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