Christmas in September!!

I am so excited!!!  I got a nice surprise today; all my newly purchased yarn arrived on the porch!!!

Yay!!!  From the left:  Shalimar Yarns Breathless in Gunmetal (scarf), Dream in Color Smooshy with CASHMERE (socks!), Cascade 220 Fingering in Natural and Charcoal (colorworked gloves…), and of course the LAST skein of Mad Tosh Sock in Ginger for my Waffle Fries Pullover (almost done!!).  All but one of these will be for xmas gifts.  No one could be more excited about making their gifts than me!

Now the hard part… Where to start and what (exactly) to make?  For my breathless scarf, I am thinking about making the Marin scarf.

I am leaning towards this, as the future recipient (not gonna say who yet!) would probably prefer the warmth that this provides (mostly garter st) as opposed to some lacy beauty.  Plus, if I purchase the pattern then I have an excuse to make one for Moi!

Now, the socks… that’s a toughie.  I got the Smooshy with Cashmere with luxury in mind for my Grandmother (yes, I can admit that here, because she does not have access to internet – aka my blog).  So I would like to choose a pretty conservative pattern, with maybe a little lace detail for interest.  Also, def wanna choose from patterns I already have access to (the yarn was pricey enough!)
Some ideas:

Fiori di Zucca:  These look difficult, but I am up to the challenge!

Vorticity: Traditional-ish cables with a little open lace.

Lingerie: Lacy look with eyelets (PS – not sure why they are charging $6 on Ravelry when this pattern is free on

Yeah, um, I can’t decide.  I was thinking maybe I could get some help?  Choose which sock you like the best and vote below!!  Remember, these are for my Grandmother.  I would like to make her some socks that are not only beautiful and soft to wear, but make her think of me whenever she slips them on.  Please vote!  Or, maybe list a suggestion (links are helpful).

And as for the Cascade fingering (which I have never used and am dying to try)… these will be gloves for a dear friend (by request – no big surprise here).  Last Christmas, I made her a Selbu Modern hat.

BTW, which she actually wears and loves (yay!).  So, I will be incorporating this pattern into the cuffs of the glove.  Wish me luck!

WIPS:  Still chugging along on my Hannah Fettig Featherweight cardi.  Loving this one so far!  Everyone says it’s a bit boring, but I like having some endless stockinette to keep me occupied during X-Factor 🙂  Just started on the collar!  Waffle Fries is also almost complete!!!  Got my last skein I need for the sleeves, PATTERN UPDATE SOON – stay posted!

As always, Happy Knitting!



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