Knitting in Public + Project Updates

I have been so busy lately!  Especially now that football season is in full swing – my DH and I are avid football fans – go Hokies!

George in his Virginia Tech snuggie!

I have been knitting on the go for the last couple of weeks in order to get my projects done.  How many knitters out there like to wave their needles around in public?  If I want to actually finish the mountain of projects on my list, I pretty much have to.  You would be surprised at how many idle moments you have to work on your knitting on the go!

Some tips for knitting on-the-go…  When I am getting ready to go out, I grab the simplest (ie, lots of stockinette) project and stuff it into my knitting bag and take it with me.  Any idle moment I have, or even as a passenger in the car, I use to knock out a few rows.  But, when out in public, I always ask myself, “Is this a knitting-appropriate event?” For clarity, pretty much any time is knitting-appropriate, but you will get strange looks now and then.

Examples of a NON-knitting-appropriate event:

  • At a sporting event:  Shame on you!  You are a real fan, and all attention must be given to your team!  Granted, during a tailgate or while watching on TV is allowed.
  • At a bar:  Actually pretty much anywhere where a lot of alcohol is involved, KWI (knitting while intoxicated) is not usually a good idea.

  • When the dude-chick ratio in attendance is greater than 10:1:  Yeah, women give weird looks too, but most of the time, men just don’t get it.  “What on Earth are you doing??”  Although, what better way to inject some estrogen in the room than pull out your DPNs and whack out a sock!?  Honestly, a lot of men are actually fascinated that you can make fabric out of sticks.

Don’t be ashamed!  Knit in public!

Knitting status update:

Projects completed:

  1. Owlie socks!  I have deemed these my lucky VT gameday socks.
  2. Levenwick is done – with buttons!  PS, buttons are annoying!!
  3. Turn A Square hat v.4.0 – per request 🙂

In progress still: my Waffle Fries pullover.  I made it to the sleeves! Fits like a glove so far.  Pattern write-up is almost complete!!! So excited about my customizable knitting pattern!

I started another cardi for moi a couple of days ago: Hannah Fetig’s Featherweight Cardigan.  I am using some lovely Madelinetosh Tosh Lace in the Manor colorway I was saving for myself – yay!

After casting on, I remembered why I don’t particularly love using laceweight yarn.

Aaak!  It’s like knitting with dental floss!  My gauge is a little screwy on this one, so I am fitting it as I go (not usually advisable, but oh, well).  In order to get gauge the way the pattern was written, my knitted fabric looks like a fishing net, so I went down a couple of needle sizes (US4).  I love the way it is starting though.

Like my recycled “yarn caddy”?  😀  This is a pretty ambitious project, so it will probably have to make some room for items on my xmas gift list.

Happy knitting!


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