I am frequently searching Ravelry and reading blogs from designers I love.  New ideas and inspirations pop into my head daily – seeing a knitted hoodie someone is wearing and thinking about how I could make it and what yarn would work best.  I really should write down some of these ideas and notes as I go… I will be updating some design ideas as I finish them and post soon. In the meantime…

Patterns I’m Loving:

  • Cookie A has a beautiful new collection of patterns.  She is known for her sock designs, but I am loving some of her new items.  Her Rotation cardigan caught my eye… This one’s a beaut, plus it looks really easy to modify.  The open shape would be very flattering, so sizing would not be such a challenge.
  • Another of Cookie A’s patterns from her new book: Lateral socks. These are so understated and pretty.

  • Veera Valimaki’s Color Affection Shawl.  Just beautiful!  A fellow knitter at Fiberge is teaching a class on how to make this lovely item for all who are interested!
  • Ysolda Teague’s Marin scarf.  This would have to be for me to keep!  Fall is coming so soon, and I can always use more scarves.

George wants me to make him a hat.  Look at the little theif…

Yarns I’m Itching to Get My Hands On:

  • Quince and Co Osprey:  Heard great things and seen some beautiful pieces made.  Stitch definition looks like it will be nice, so maybe a cabled sweater?
  • A Verb for Keeping Warm Annapurna Cashmere:  This name keeps popping up under designers I love, and the colors are stunning.  And, c’mon, it’s cashmere! I have not met a cashmere I did not want to pet.  The Marin scarf pictured above was made using this.
  • Zealana Eco Merino/Possum:  There is a possum in my yarn!  Yes, quite seriously.  I was intrigued by a Vogue Knitting Design Contest that is built around this yarn distributor.  This article gives a nice review.  Warmer than cashmere??  I must find out – mittens or a nice cozy hat?

George gets his hat:

2 rows a day keeps the stash at bay!


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