Too Much Time, Not Enough Knitting

Well, I wish.

No posts for a while, sorry folks! (If my one reader counts as “folks” 🙂

Let me count… On my needles: socks, cardigan (almost done, my friends!), shawl, sweater!

And I am not finished with any because… (besides the obvious project ADD)

Owlie Socks – Single sock syndrome

Although, it is quite a beauty, if I do say so myself!

Levenwick Cardigan – Single sleeve syndrome

Among other issues… aak!

Rockefeller Shawl – Too many stripes syndrome (OK I made that one up, and to be fair, the pattern is lovely)

Sweater – Endless stockinette (sorry, Husband, your sweater is so boring!)

I am most concerned about my poor, poor Levenwick.  She seems so small! But I barely have enough Shelter to finish it and I even added a bit of length.  Hopefully after blocking *fingers crossed!  My sleeves have ladders big enough to climb on.

3 out of 4 are near completion, so of course, I am itching to plan another project!  Lately, scouring Ravelry for xmas gift ideas 🙂 yay!

Loving this Dream Stripes shawl…


Or a similar shawl with narrow stripes in muted colors.  Beautiful!!  Stripes are so in for fall (according to my latest magazine).  I can think of a couple of people this would be perfect for.  If you love this, then you know who you are!


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