Project Updates and New Cast-On

My Rockefeller shawl is coming along beautifully!  I love the colors so far, and I can’t wait until the next clue!!



In the meantime, I have only to do the last sleeve of my Levenwick… But it’s so hot here that the thought of a thick wool sweater on my lap makes my palms sweat.  So, *sigh* I started a new project!! 😀

Started my adorable Owlie socks!  So far they look great!


They kinda reminded me of Harry Potter, so while I knit them I watched part of the last movie on HBO.  “Expeliarmus!” I love love my dpns, but have had trouble in the past with ladders in my socks.  So, I tried a technique I saw on techknits blog called “switching” (link here), where I rotated two stitches every round, and PRESTO! no ladders – amazing!  Using beads is not nearly as complicated as I thought, either!

Hoo! Hoo!



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